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Learning Manifesto

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I believe learning is something we never stop doing

I believe all students have the right to a high quality education regardless of status

I believe in positive learning environments that are flexible to meet students needs

I believe technology is something all students should have access to

I believe in the importance of deeply engaging students in the process of learning

I believe our mistakes do not define us

I believe that respect for ourselves is just as important as respect for others

I believe that creativity is one of the most valuable aspects of humanity

I believe that all students deserve to be seen

I believe that every voice matters - even the silent ones

I believe that teaching with a lens on empathy and empowerment is a necessity

I believe collaboration is a stronger guiding principal than competition

I believe in acceptance of all regardless of race, gender, identity, orientation, or beliefs

I believe in the power of believing in others

I believe that change comes from accepting change is inevitable

I believe in disruptive education if it means getting in to "good trouble"

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