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Holocaust DC Photo.jpg
Shining typewriter_edited.jpg


The first time I picked up my Mother's Kodak 110 film camera as a child, I felt the magic of photography in the palm of my hands. That camera went everywhere with me. I fell in love with capturing moments and seeing how my photographs affected people. There is something so special about telling someone's story in a single frame.


Freedom Writer, shot at the Holocaust Museum in DC


There is something about visual storytelling that speaks to my soul. Taking words from the paper and immortalizing it on screen is one of the most exhilarating forms of expression. In today's world, video is shared more than almost any other medium. I once heard someone say the answers to all of life's mysteries can be found in films. I've never stopped believing that is true.

Shooting BTS, shot on-set of Criminal Minds

Writing is more a part of me than a hobby. Whether journaling, waxing poetically, penning op-eds, or creating a story, finding ways to make words come to life is a huge passion of mine. Writing has the power to change the world if you allow yourself the freedom to express yourself. Story is one of the most influential ways to bring people together and a powerful medium to advocate for change.

Kubrick's Typewriter from The Shining, Shot at LACMA

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